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A neat copy of everything clogging up my home folder whenever I'm looking for something important.


alacritty Hacker window for getting into the mainframe
alsa Sounds good!
cabal Package manager for code I don't understand
emacs Vim, just better
GHC Compiler settings for code I don't understand
htop Frozen computer culprit detective
i3 Budget version of xmonad
i3status Status updates for the overmentioned
ncmpcpp/mpd Music player I can't live without
newsboat Good in the morning, with a cup of coffee
nvim Emacs, just better
picom Screens are best when they don't tear
qutebrowser Surf the web without a mouse
rofi Who needs desktop shortcuts anyways?
sxhkd Ctrl + Alt + Delete
tmux Terminals inside terminals inside terminals
xmonad Windowpanes, but not actually
zathura PDF reader, no more, no less
zsh Bash, just cooler

Other stuff I've used before, but want to keep the configuration for.


I quite like this terminal. It's always my goto if something is not working properly in alacritty. I sometimes spin it up if I really need blinking text for some reason.

However, it's deprecated ¯_(ツ)_/¯


This terminal is quick, but just a tad bit "too quick" for me. By only focusing on speed, it leaves features like IMEs hanging, which is my reason for using alacritty instead.


To be honest, I don't use file managers that much nowadays. cd and ls is my friend.