Autumn 2021 | IT project individual exercise
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Javafx template

A repository with three one variants of a javafx projects, with maven setup for Java 16 and JavaFX 16, and JUnit 5 (Jupiter) and TestFX for testing.

To make the project(s) more interesting, it is the start of an RPN calculator (look for // TODO) markers). The core logic is almost implemented (in, the fxml file (in Calc.fxml is almost complete, but the controller class (in is pretty limited. And last, but not least, there is a TestFX-based test (in, see the README for details about what it tests).

Trying it out

All projects can be tried out by cd-ing into the corresponding folder and using mvn:

  • compile with mvn compile (after cd oysteikt-calc of course)
  • test with mvn test (it should fail until you complete the RPN calculator)
  • run with mvn javafx:run (it should open, but not work properly)