A set of simple API endpoints and ready-to-go clients to interface with the Grzegorz API
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Gregorz Clients

A set of simple API endpoints and ready-to-go clients to interface with the Grzegorz API

Working clients:

  • A webUI client made with REMI
  • CLI client

Planned future clients:

  • WebExtensions browser extension

How to run this

pip install --user git+https://github.com/Programvareverkstedet/grzegorz_clients.git#master




As the user intended to run the server:

pip install --user git+https://github.com/Programvareverkstedet/grzegorz_clients.git#master
grzegorz-webui --host-name --port 80

It's rather insecure and could use a reverse proxy and some whitelisting. ;)

Making the webui run on boot

Modify and copy the files in dist to $HOME/.config/systemd/user, then run the following commands as the user intended to run the server:

$ systemctl --user enable grzegorz_webui.service
$ systemctl --user start grzegorz_webui.service


Setup virtual environment and running the server:

poetry install
grzegorz-webui --no-volume

If you also run a local instance of the Grzegorz API:

grzegorz-webui --api-base http://localhost:8000/api

If you plan on making changes to the code, preferably install entr and use the supplied script dev.sh. It will restart the server every time you change any of the files tracked by git.

./dev.sh --api-base http://localhost:8000/api


Licensed under BSD 3 clause, see the file LICENSE for more details

This uses the library REMI by dddomodossola, which is licensed under apache2. This license may be read over here